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Welcome to K.B Zaveree Jewelry

K.B. Zaberee Jewelry house is among the leading jewellers in Georgia who have the global symbol of trust in the field of gems, gold jewellery, studded jewellery and certified diamonds.

Our core values of excellence and consistency has enabled us to achieve the frontrunner place amongst all jewellery retailers.
Our exposure in global jewellery business has enriched our expertise in producing some of the finest jewellery of national market. With the distinction of being the trend-setters in jewellery design, K.B. Zaberee Jewelry house has an exquisite jewellery collection in wedding, lightweight, designer and trendy.

It is our belief that the combination of global experience and ancient traditions will result in unique value propositions to our customers across USA.

K.B. Zaberee Jewelry House is a name that evolves from trust, exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs in gold, diamond jewellery and silver items and artifacts. The organization also sells astral gems, precious and semi precious stones.

This is a (rare) prestigious organization, based in USA, the country of Dream, famous for excellent gold and diamond jewellery artistry. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit which offers outstanding quality of Gold and Diamond product collection, from traditional to contemporary designs.

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